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Our treatments

Dental Clinic Carmen Bernal is an exclusive space in which you will be accompanied by a team of highly qualified professionals to offer you the best solutions for a complete high quality dental treatment.


Advanced dentistry

Advanced dentistry seeks to solve the dental problems of each person in a simple and gradual way, avoiding complex and expensive treatments, with special support in preventive measures and periodic reviews.

Dental Aesthetics

A natural and perfect smile not only produces a personal satisfaction, since it can contribute to professional success.

Range of the treatments is available (teeth whitening, veneers…)


The use of modern biocompatible materials allows the replacement of damaged teeth by dental implants that achieve full functional and aesthetic recovery.


Periodontics treats the diseases of the gum and the bone that supports the tooth. These tissues can undergo inflammatory processes (periodontitis), which sometimes go unnoticed, and which can cause tooth loss.


At any age, the correct alignment and occlusion of the teeth are the complement of a beautiful smile.

Orthodontics is responsible for correcting the irregularities of the teeth, providing a harmonious and functional solutions.

Pediatric dentistry or children’s dentistry

The oral health of the child can not be neglected. It begins with the eruption of the temporary teeth, whose protection will facilitate the health of the definitive dentition.

Dental care for the whole family









Dental care for the whole family

At Carmen Bernal Dental Clinic we attend to any need of our patients. We find a solution for your problem.


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